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we are unlimited is seeking a Music Producer who is a creator, coach, conductor and lead for all our commercial and final production needs. You are fearless when exploring new solutions and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. You are a collaborator, blending each piece of a production that includes artist, concept and brand message to deliver a final project on time and within budget. The end result of this process is the creation and publication of quality musical work. A major aspect of your job as a music producer is creating quality sounds that match both the concept, musician and client/brand plans.

This is a full-time position based in Chicago.

The Meat

  • The music producer oversees all aspects of a recording session, from planning the sessions to the finished product.
  • As a music producer, you’ll be responsible for providing instruments, scheduling studio time and handling funding, costs and negotiations.
  • You’ll also work with and coach musicians together with the creative team and the senior production team.
  • Additionally, as part of your daily routine, you’ll assist audio engineers with the mixing and recording process.
  • The music producer must be able to make a lot of the creative decision; audition performers, select music and more.
  • You must oversee the post-production process, which includes editing music.
  • You are the owner for all music budgets and timelines.
  • You will insure all approvals and changes throughout the process are completed and are responsible for the final product.

The Cheese

  • 3+ years of experience with an agency or music production house.
  • Bachelor’s Degree; Master’s in Music Producton/Sound Engineering
  • Must have strong musical direction, coaching, budget management and negotiation experience.
  • Forward thinking, a partner, and a resource to their team to help bring big ideas to life.
  • Passionate student of the industry, and its development.
  • A strong knowledge of industry talent and vendors.
  • Collaborative yet confident.
  • Effective presenter.
  • Proven level-headed assertive presence.
  • Proficient in industry software and systems.
  • Nimble
  • The Music Producer should be a smart strategic and conceptual thinker.

The Special Sauce

We mean it when we say we are committed to building and nurturing an open, inclusive, diverse environment where our employees can learn, change and grow as fast as the world around them. Cheesy? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

If these qualities sound like you, let’s talk.

  • Restless, curious and passionate
  • Brings positive energy to everything you create and everyone you meet
  • Thrives in a start-up environment
  • Always exploring, inventing and creating
  • Belief in respect and tolerance

we are unlimited

A new kind of fully integrated agency built from the ground up.

Combining the power of data with cultural foresight, Unlimited is an omni-channel agency designed exclusively for the speed and complexity of McDonald’s business, and populated with the best and brightest talent from across the Omnicom Group and beyond. We work in direct partnership with McDonald’s, mobilized to deliver world-class creative work and business solutions at speed, scale, and efficiency, and with unprecedented impact.

McDonald’s is the foundational client and will be our sole focus as we build a vanguard agency for this world-renowned brand. We seek professionals who see the opportunity to carry the torch for this brand leader and have passion to help accelerate this storied brand to an even more successful future.

Our workspace in the heart of Downtown Chicago has been completely purpose-built with a focus toward inspiration, collaboration and speed. Our culture will value excellence in character and craft in equal measure. Our team has collaborative spirits, curious minds, and kindness at its core. This agency is built on the notion that human potential is truly unlimited, and is only fully unleashed when people working together respect and appreciate each other as talented equals.

we are unlimited is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We strongly support diversity in the workforce.

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