Chicago, Illinois • United States

we are unlimited is looking for a line producer to work as part of their in-house studio. A detail-oriented and organized person who can work closely with others to interpret ideas and collaborate toward a common outcome within multiple channels, helping to create entertaining and engaging video content for one of the largest brands in the world. This is a full-time position based in Chicago.

The Meat

  • Manage all in-house shoots, including hiring freelancers, securing location permits, renting equipment, managing talent, and sourcing props.
  • Work with creative teams, producers, and studio director to create an array of content for use by clients across multiple platforms, including but not limited to digital video content, brand films, and social media.
  • Follow creative direction and art direction responsibly and effectively.
  • Clearly and confidently articulate thoughts and conceptualize approaches, ideas, and solutions based on your knowledge and production expertise.
  • Set realistic expectations with creative team of what is achievable given in-house resources.
  • Create compelling video content on tight budget and deadlines.
  • Have exceptional communication skills and ability to listen, synthesize, and process internal team input.
  • Work well in a team environment.
  • Be strongly aware of current content trends and styles.

The Cheese

  • 3+ years in production as a line producer
  • Agency or production company experience
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a great, fast-paced, and talented team
  • Obsessive organizational skills
  • Serious attention to detail
  • Willingness and desire to be proactive
  • Ability to meet and exceed expectations under pressure and with tight deadlines
  • Experience taking creative direction and feedback

The Special Sauce

We mean it when we say we are committed to building and nurturing an open, inclusive, diverse environment where our employees can learn, change, and grow as fast as the world around them. Cheesy? Maybe. True? Absolutely.

If these qualities sound like you, let’s talk.

  • Restless, curious, and passionate
  • Brings positive energy to everything you create and everyone you meet
  • Thrives in a start-up environment
  • Always exploring, inventing, and creating
  • Believes in respect and tolerance

we are unlimited 
A new kind of fully integrated agency built from the ground up. 

Combining the power of data with cultural foresight, unlimited is an omni-channel agency designed exclusively for the speed and complexity of McDonald’s business, and populated with the best and brightest talent from across the Omnicom Group and beyond. We work in direct partnership with McDonald’s, mobilized to deliver world-class creative work and business solutions at speed, scale, and efficiency, and with unprecedented impact.

McDonald’s is the foundational client and will be our sole focus as we build a vanguard agency for this world-renowned brand. We seek professionals who see the opportunity to carry the torch for this brand leader and have passion to help accelerate this storied brand to an even more successful future.

Our workspace in the heart of downtown Chicago has been completely purpose-built with a focus toward inspiration, collaboration, and speed. Our culture will value excellence in character and craft in equal measure. Our team has collaborative spirits, curious minds, and kindness at its core. This agency is built on the notion that human potential is truly unlimited, and is only fully unleashed when people working together respect and appreciate each other as talented equals.

we are unlimited is an equal opportunity employer (EOE). We strongly support diversity in the workforce.

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